Friday, August 29, 2008

Social Architecture & the Art of Volunteering

Social Architecture is a field which looks at how best to engineer social systems. What constitutes a desired outcome varies considerably among social architects based on underlying values, attitudes and goals.

At this stage of our collective evolutionary leaping, we are witnessing the last throes of a dying system and the emergence of something far more sustainable. The old system that imposes control for the personal gain of a few is predictably in resistance to the re-emergence of a social ideal that upholds fairness, equality and justice for all as it’s sacred tenants.

The principal symbols that maintain the continuity of the old “dying” system are money and the special resources (commodities) that come from afar that we’ve been conditioned to believe we must have to feel safe, secure, important and perhaps even superior to the “have-nots”. However, the economic system that pits the interests of the few against the well being of the many, while blatantly threatening the viability of life on planet earth, is a projection of the fear based ego-mind.

In contrast, there is a shift to a kind of human that doesn't seek dominance over others. Using the language of "soul", he/she seeks to uplift that which it is one with; its source and all “other” souls (holographic versions of source). This soulful being is content with what is immediately here and now in the environing moment. A social architect from the old school would naturally view the individuals within a social system as separate self serving entities that need to be controlled to comply within certain norms and keep them dependent on outside resources – continually feeding a system that is blindly addicted to consumption, with the sacrifice of peace as fait accompli.

What would a social system look like that was a projection of the soul, or a more socially engaged individual? Since the soul is complete and has none of the needs of the ego-mind projected world, it doesn’t need an outside symbol of value as motivation. In fact, there is compelling evidence that the soul has only one agenda – a return to source and the conscious reunification of all souls.

So how can we demonstrate to ourselves that we are moving beyond the old system and actively engaging in and furthering the cause of a social system that delights our souls through the experience of this more soulful system?

Many people who have organized their lives so that they have “the basics” covered, find such an outlet through volunteering their time and talent to causes; to non-profit entities that provide much needed services to the community, to festivals that celebrate the arts, life, the planet, and many other events or associations that bring people together in fellowship.

By removing the standard reward system volunteers have the opportunity to experience how authentically their selfless service intentions play out. When the ego-mind is dishing out its usual banter; “my back hurts”, “this is boring”, “I’m better than this assignment”, etc… and the “I’ll do it for the money” reasoning no longer applies, they get to experience how rooted they are in the ego-mind dominance that overrides Soulful service.

As an experiment in social architecture, see how much of your Self you can bring to a cause or event as a volunteer. Dedicate your efforts to enhancing the positive experience of everyone you come in contact with (share your aloha) and then listen carefully to your soul. You might actually hear singing.

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