Friday, August 29, 2008

Hostage Crisis of Global Proportions!

During this time of accelerated global communications we have the added advantage of witnessing our own folly; on our TV’s, our computers, and increasingly; on the tiny 3rd screen of our iPods, PDAs and/or 3G cell phones. The messages are everywhere, bombarding us with the illusion that our external reality cannot be peaceful unless we kill the enemy, put a Jurassic Park electric fence around our homes and pull the comforter over our heads.

But who (or what?) is the enemy really? What is it about humanity that separates itself from its birthright of inner peace and prevents us from claiming, owning and living in peace and harmony, in collaboration and fellowship, in ease and grace?

The answer might surprise you, because it’s as close as our next judgmental thought. We see it’s reflection in the mirror. We project it on our relationships (especially our family). The enemy that holds us hostage, gripped in its self preservation defenses, is the ego, and peace is not its friend. In fact, it’s a threat to its existence. From ego’s perspective, peace IS the enemy. The ego maintains its hold on humanity through drama, fault finding, and blaming. It's the perfect victim in a world of cause and effect.

And there’s the rub. The world “out there” is the world of duality. It can’t be anything other than that as long as we view it with our dualistic stereo vision. It is only when we shift our view, allowing our two eyes to become one that we begin to see through the illusion of separation. From a perception of unity, the journey into the world becomes an opportunity to see every person and every experience as an out picturing of where we are denying (or acknowledging) our essential nature, where we are held hostage by ego.

And what is that essential nature? Ironically, to call it one thing will cause some people to recoil or contract, and to call it another thing will raise the ire of another. So we attempt to take the “churchianity” out of it and call it the Higher Self. (Although, perhaps we can agree that Christ or Buddha are excellent role models and that to willingly entrain to Christ Consciousness wouldn’t be such a bad thing.)

In my work as a Somatic Educator, the cause of chronic pain that is seeking resolve is Sensory-Motor-Amnesia. People spend much of their lives seeking outside intervention to resolve habituation. They have “forgotten” to self sense, to use their body in both natural and novel ways in order to maintain a healthy balance.

In my personal challenges and journey to wholeness, I have discovered that, collectively, humanity suffers a kind of Christ at-one-ment Amnesia. We have chosen to forget that we are one with the Creator Spirit in order to play the game of separation on earth. If you’ve had enough of the world of duality, of judgment, fault finding, competition, scarcity, evil doers and aggressors, perhaps this would be a good time to ask yourself, “Am I being held hostage by ego, or am I host to the Creator Spirit?”

I make no claims of having transcended my ego. However, by accepting that I have been attached to my egoic identity and by allowing myself to feel the pain of separation, I am navigating through the grieving process. The ego truly perceives that it will die when we choose to perceive ourselves as host and temple to the indwelling spirit of peace.

All outgoing paths ultimately lead to the realization that the going outward “on a path” leads us back to our Selves, which is naturally a state of peace. It’s as predicable as bubbles released underwater and rising to the surface.

For your strengthening and encouragement toward reclaiming yourselves as Host to your magnificence, I offer the acronym, F-T-O-C, which I’ve borrowed from my dear friend Brian Longhurst (Thanks Brian!). My interpretation: Have Faith that the universe is bringing you the perfect reflection of your inner state of being. Trust your essential Self to lead, one step at a time, to experiences that are custom made for your growth, understanding and “going forward”. Become Obedient to your inner guidance and practice Commitment to living your dreams from this Holy state of being.

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